TalTran Gets a New Name

Say good bye to TalTran because Tallahassee's mass transit system now has a new name! This is the future of Tallahassee's mass transit system. What you knew as TalTran is now Star Metro!

Samuel Bellim, a TCC student, says, "I think Star Metro sounds a little better than TalTran in a way, so I'm all for it."

You'll start seeing the new name and logo on Tallahassee's buses in the coming months, and with the new name comes some big changes.

Ronald Garrison, Executive Director of Star Metro, says, "We need to look at ways to connect this community and make it work, we're growing, we need change."

That means expanded services and routes.

Riders can also look forward to solar lighted transit shelters, wireless Internet on the buses and at the shelters, a fare box system where you can swipe your credit card and, for those of you who just can't wait, a GPS system for next bus information.

Reginald Thomas, a Star Metro, rider, says, "Make it a city, it's not a college town, it's a capital. Make it where things are going where people can become prosperous."

Star Metro doesn't just want to improve on services to its current riders, but attract more people to the ways of the bus, and if it has its way, Star Metro will be the best mass this side of the Mississippi.

Some changes will be immediate like the new name and logo. Others will take some time, about two or so years.