Local Toddler Remembered

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A book with the lyrics to "You are my sunshine" was passed out to friends, family and others who came to pay their respects to 2- year old Sydney Blanton. Her mother Christina says she brought sunshine and southern hospitality with her wherever she went.

"It'll be a loss, it will be a loss but God has a way, what is gone, another will come along," says friend Barbara Wagner.

"Just what a horrible tragedy it was and the other thought that was running through my mind was how strong the family is," says friend David Sofferin.

Sydney was killed when her Angel flight crashed in Iowa, injuring her mother and the pilot.

The mother was released from the hospital last week and spoke at her daughter's funeral. Angel and Mercy Flights provide free travel for families in need of health care. Sydney was being treated for club foot before she died.

"So many of our pilots knew Sydney and her mother and this is a terrible blow for all of us," says Mercy Flights President Mary Alice Alexander.

Sydney leaves behind her mother Christina, father Scott, her brothers Tyler and Hunter, grandparents and great-grandparents.

"I was anticipating a very sad service because of the loss of a little child, but it was actually much different then that. It was very uplifting, it was more of a celebration of her life," added Alexander.

Sydney was laid to rest at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville.

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