City of Tallahassee Election 2003

Making headlines in Tallahassee Wednesday morning is the City Commission Election, a quintet of men vied to be Tallahassee’s new mayor. Outgoing Scott Maddox, is now the head of Florida’s democratic party and did not run for re-election.

Two current city commissioners, John Paul Bailey and Steve Meisburg, were among those in this crowded race. With 100 percent of the vote is John Marks with four percent.

And Commissioner John Paul Bailey gets 27 percent of the vote; both are headed to a runoff on Feb. 25. Commissioner Meisburg comes in a close third with 26 percent and just misses getting into the runoff. Tony Davis and Richard Junnier round out the field with two percent each.

In the race for Seat 1 there will be a new city commissioner because Incumbent Steve Meisburg is in the mayor's race. Five people in this battle. With 100 percent of the vote in, that new commissioner will be Mark Mustian with almost 14,000 votes which works out to 52 percent of the vote. Former commissioner Dot Inma-Johnson was trying to return to the commission after losing her seat in 1994. She just misses getting into a runoff and finishes second with five percent. Justin Proctor is third with eight percent followed by Winford Frazier who got four percent and Drew Postell with two percent . In the race for Seat 2, Incumbent John Paul Bailey decided to run for mayor rather than try and keep his current seat on the commission. In the most crowded field of the night, six people wanted to take over for Bailey. With 100 percent of the vote in, Mayo Woodward and Andrew Gillum are headed to a runoff in three weeks.

Woodward garnered 29-percent and Gillum was second with 25 percent of the vote. Bob henderson narrowly missed getting into the runoff. He finishes third with 25 percent but with 225 votes less votes than Gillum. Norma Parrish with 16 percent, Jack Traylor with four percent and Joshua Hicks with two percent round out the field. Again Woodward and Gillum headed for a Feb. 25 runoff election. Incumbent Debbie Lightsey has three challengers for her seat spot on the City Commission. With 100 percent of the vote in, a runoff in this race as well. Commissioner Lightsey gets 49 percent. But Anthony Viegbesie is second with 0 and the two will now head to a runoff on the 25th of this month. Jr. Harding gets 16 percent and John Byrne is in 4th with fouth percent.

Allan Katz was appointed to his position on the commission last year when seat 5 commissioner Charles billings died while in office. He was trying to win that seat he has occupied since the spring of 2002. With 100 percent of the vote in, Mr. Katz keeps his seat with 56 percent of the vote. Dan McDaniel and Travis Potter each finish with 19 percent. Harrison Arencibian comes in 4th with percent and Merek Jones rounds out the list of candidates with two percent of the vote.