FSU Campus DUI Checkpoint

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By: Bailey Myers
August 27th 2013

Tallahassee FL- With multiple DUI arrests already on the books for Florida State University's Police Department, they are cracking down starting Tuesday night.

The police are stopped every car checking I-D's and most importantly checking sobriety. When I visited FSU earlier today I discovered the police weren't the only ones deeply concerned with drinking and driving.

Florida State Police Department Lieutenant Hank Jacob said, "We want them to know we are out there looking for impaired drivers to keep everyone on the roadway safe."

Making sure anyone who appears intoxicated or has a blood alcohol content level of .08 is arrested. As far as the police are concerned they are putting themselves and others at risk by being behind the wheel. It's not just the police who echo this concern.

FSU Freshman Alex Hansel said, "I know that there is like a whole bunch of underage drinking going on and drinking and driving so I think its important we warn people this early in the semester."

Lieutenant Jacob explained, "We are out here on the second night of the semester just so the students at Florida State University, and the other colleges in the area and the citizens who travel around the university know that DUI's wont be tolerated on Florida State University's campus."

If you are drinking while driving and are underage your license will be revoked. If you are of age but driving while intoxicated-- you could be subject to a series of sobriety tests, and if you fail you will be arrested. According to FSU police they arrest around 100 DUI cases yearly. This year they are already approaching 50 cases. Now leading into their busiest season-- Fall, they hope these check points serve as a wake up call.

FSU Sophomore Courtney Gates said, "You're drinking I think that you need to call somebody it's not that hard to get a cab in Tallahassee there are so many so what's the point of driving when you can call a cab they are five dollars..."

FSU Police told Eyewitness news they plan on hosting many more DUI check points similar to tonight's in the near future. They explained they are hoping to have one every month.

Press Release: FSU Police Department

August 27, 2013

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida State University Police Department, along with community law enforcement partners will be hosting a DUI checkpoint on the FSU campus the evening of Tuesday, August 27. The checkpoint will run from 10pm to 1am, in the 800 block of Jefferson Street on the FSU campus. After 1am, officers will conduct a DUI saturation patrol in the area. Officers will be looking for impaired drivers. Persons passing through the checkpoint while operating vehicles safely and legally will only experience a slight delay.

“There is no doubt that impaired driving is a very dangerous practice that can result in lives lost”, said FSU Police Deputy Chief Jim Russell. “It is the focus and intent of law enforcement to save lives. Period.”

The Leon County Multi-Agency DUI Strike Force reminds motorists to drive safely. If you drink, don’t drive. Get a sober designated driver, call a cab, or use available public transit. Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over!

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