Lake Ella and Surrounding Businesses Flooded

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Gregory Cohen, owner of Lofty Pursuit, clears his store just in time to beat the rising water pouring from Lake Ella.

Gregory Cohen said, "We are evacuating all the merchandise. We are raising our displays to a level it can't get wet."

But other's aren't so lucky. Joe's Bike Shop, Sweet Stuffin and Polka Dot Shoes are all sitting in almost three feet of water.

Joe Mezzina, owner of Joe's Bike Shop said, "All the fixtures the cabinets are in the water, that's all lost."

With more rain on its way, city officials don't expect the lake to recede anytime soon, that means business owners are not only facing loss of merchandise, but loss of business.

Jessica Frank owner of Polka Dot Shoes said, "It's going to affect us. A lot of our stores don't have as much cushion to be closed for a week or however long it's going to take to fix and clean up and get all of our stuff back in."

Fay has tested the waters and neighborly love is the result at Lake Ella.

"We are calling in all the cars and manpower and it's been nice. The community has been great", said Frank.

Stephen Broderick was just walking by and wanted to help.

Broderick said, "I figured they were moving the whole building. They needed as much help as they could get. I just wanted to do what I could."

The high waters have replaced the usual scene of birds and pets and people with garbage and sandbags, but the owners say their spirits will not be flooded.

The state received disaster relief providing a 75 percent reimbursement on money spent cleaning up debris and saving lives. But there is no word on how much of that local business owners will see.

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