National Park(ing) Day; Downtown Tallahassee

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When there's too many green areas being turned into parking
lots, why not turn parking spaces back to green spaces. National Park(ing) Day came to downtown Tallahassee Friday evening, turning College Avenue in to a more recreational place.

Several organizations converted more than ten parking spaces into temporary parks to celebrate the importance of green areas in America's cities. Some of the parks were complete with sod, flowers, and park benches. One park even had a mini nature walk. Organizers say Park(ing) Day began in San Francisco three years ago.

Greg Chelius, a key event organizer and the Trust for Public Land Director said, "People started taking parking spaces during the day, putting quarters in, and setting up parks and really bringing attention to the benefit of parks and the benefit of connecting children to natural areas and parks--and it took off and just blossomed."

The spaces were all made with real grass and foliage--making it the one of the most beautiful places to be downtown.

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