Bush Signs Martin Lee Anderson Act

Gov. Jeb Bush signed the Martin Lee Anderson Act, which is designed to reform Florida's juvenile justice system.

With Martin Lee Anderson's family and supporters by his side, Gov. Bush signed House Bill 5019 named after the 14-year-old boy beaten to death at the Bay County Boot Camp.

The Martin Lee Anderson Act does away with Florida boot camps and turns them into "STAR," Sheriff's Training And Respect Academies.

Gov. Jeb Bush said, “There is prohibition of the use of ammonia and prohibition of certain types of restraints that had been prevalent at the Bay County Boot Camp. There is more money, there's after-care. It's a significant change to improve the chance of a young person to be given a second chance to be successful in life."

Robert Anderson, Martin Lee Anderson's father, said, "Nobody else's child has to go through what my child went through by this law."

The STAR Academies will provide youth with intensive education, training, and medical care and examinations, and modify behaviors without resorting to physical intervention.