Prison Worker Charged With Smuggling Drugs to Inmates

A Valdosta State prison kitchen worker is in the Lowndes County Jail, charged with smuggling drugs to inmates.

The Lowndes County Sheriff's Office says 26-year-old Deborah Watson was hiding drugs in her bra... smuggling marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine to inmates at Valdosta State Prison.

Investigators say they were tipped off that Watson was bringing drugs into the prison.

When they asked to search her, she refused to comply...and quit her job. Lowndes County deputies stopped her as soon as she walked out of the prison and asked to search her.

They say they found three tube socks filled with drugs...worth four-thousand dollars on the street. Authorities say those drugs are worth five to six times as much behind bars.

Right now, she is behind bars, facing several charges. Investigators say Watson has refused to cooperate. Therefore, no inmates have been charged.

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