"Digital Harmony Project" Making a Difference for Students

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Students and their parents celebrated the 2nd annual "Digital Harmony Project," at Nims Middle School, Saturday, as students are getting the tools they need to succeed.

Volunteers, sponsors, city officials, and educators joined forces at Nims Middle School, to kick off the 2nd year of the city's "Digital Harmony Project."

City officials coordinated with a wide range of local donors, as well as corporate sponsors, Dell and HP, to provide students with the technology they need to learn, both in, and out of the classroom.

"Total, we've probably had over $ 100,000 worth of commitments, which is what it costs to run this program from year to year, and it costs the parents absolutely nothing," said Tallahassee City Commissioner, Andrew Gillum.

All 6th grade students, and their parents, came prepared to take home more than 130 free, brand new personal computers.

"They're just brand new computers, they're giving away," said Parent, Kisha Lewis.

Comcast Cable is also sponsoring the project, providing free Internet access in the households of all the 6th grade students.

Tallahassee Community College Professors held an instruction class, providing parents with skills on how to help their kids with their studies, while also getting some useful tips, on how to use and monitor the Internet.

Florida State University's, Star Alliance group, helped parents load up, as kids watched in excitement.

"I feel so proud to type on my own computer, just to have one, and not go other places," said Nims Middle School Student, Andrew Butler.

Organizers say it takes a community coming together to make a difference, as they break down technology barriers, to enable students to grow in their education, and in their future.

Nims middle school went from an "F" school to a "C" school last year.

Digital Harmony organizers say they hope to raise students' FCAT scores, and earn the school an "A" grade this time around.

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