Leaf Theater Haunted Tour

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A local theater has seen it's share of hauntings. Ghostly encounters with the staff have occurred on more than one occasion. For the past 25 years, the Leaf Theater in Quincy, FL has been haunted.
Employees claim to have had encounters with ghosts...things such as paranormal feelings, mysterious voices and even sightings of a strange man sitting in the third seat of the front row on multiple occasions. The ghost has been identified as Mr. McDaniel, the old projectionist at the theater who died in the late 1980s. Now, the theater has been awarded a plaque for being an authenticated haunted location by the Big Bend Ghost Trackers.
Betty Davis, founder of the Big Bend Ghost Trackers awarded the plaque to the theater. In regards to seeing the ghost herself, she says, "During a state of advanced meditation called channelling, I was able to communicate with Mr. McDaniel who we believe is the ghost who haunts the Leaf Theater."
Bill Mock, the manager of the theater, has even had his own encounters with Mr. McDaniel's ghost. He says, "Strange things happen, whether it's just a feeling or. . .my name has been called out when I've been the only one here, and I turn around and nobody will be there and two minutes later it's the same thing."
Through other experiences and sightings at the theater, Mock believes there may be more than one ghost. Mr. McDaniel is the one who has been spotted multiple times, with different witnesses having described the same man.
The Leaf Theater will give its first haunted tour on November first.

Call The Leaf Theater at (850) 875-9444 for more ticket information.

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