Dog Killed While Under Vet Care

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A Tallahassee woman is mourning the loss of her pet. The dog escaped while in the care of a local veterinarian and was hit by a car. More than a week ago, Suzanne Lex left her Shiba Inu named C.G. at the Novey Animal Hospital in Tallahassee.

The vet says the dog was kept outside in a fenced area, but somehow managed to climb the fence and get loose. Lex says she's upset by what happened, but is thankful the vet is doing everything she can to compensate her for her loss.

"We're not looking to put the blame on anybody, we would just like to know as much as we could about what had occurred. We were on vacation and we'd entrusted the dog in the care of the vet." said Lex.

The veterinarian says the facility's fence has been evaluated, and it's working to make the kennel as safe as possible for the patients. The owner of the dog is asking anyone who knows anything about this incident to call the TV station at (850) 893-6666.

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