Roswell UFO Exhibit

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Sightings of UFO's and alien abductions tend to face a great deal of disbelief, but tonight at the Mary Brogan museum skeptics may change their minds.

The real story behind the Roswell incident is on display at the museum.

Tonight, Friday, November 7th, at 7 p.m. the first civilian investigator will be dishing the scoop on the UFO crash and the government cover-up that came shortly after.

Stanton Freidman, a Ufologist explains, "They could hardly go public with saying, "Oh we thought you'd like to know, that our airspace is being violated with vehicles with far better performance than anything we have, We don't know what they want. where they're from, what's in store or how they work." they couldn't have said that. That would've been totally irresponsible."

The Roswell exhibit is now on display at the Mary Brogan museum.

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