The Powerball Comes to Florida

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With the economy in a grim state, some people are hoping to leave their financial problems behind by taking their chance at winning it big in a new lottery game in Florida.

Some choose to use their birthday or their lucky digits, but no matter what the combination, Floridians are picking up their Florida Power Ball tickets.

That's right...Florida.

Starting Sunday Florida joins the odds with the game that's played in 32 states.

"The only thing I know is it's a bigger opportunity to make a lot more money" says Michael Kirsch, a Tallahassee Resident

The jackpot starts at 20 million dollars and climbs from there... and people say they wouldn't mind some extra cash.

"First I would like pay off all my debt, my school debt and then get a new car maybe." Rachel Austin, a FSU Student

But while some residents think we should be a little skeptical to the new game, others see the benefits and welcome with open arms.

"I'm from Pennsylvania, and we've had the Power Ball for a while. And it seems to be very popular, especially when it gets up there." says Margarete Holm, who plays Powerball in Pennsylvania.

According to the Florida Lottery last year, 1.28 billion dollars of lotto proceeds went to Florida schools.

Local gas stations also say that every week the store with the most Power Ball sales will get 1,000 dollars...and they say it's a win-win situation.

Many people say they look forward to playing the game but others say with the tough economy you can't count on the lotto to dig you out of debt.

"It's almost like gambling to me. If you can afford to play it, play it. If not you shouldn't play it...that's how I look at it." says Tim Hill, who doesn't play the lottery

The first Florida Power Ball winning numbers will be announced this Wednesday, January Seventh.

To find out if your ticket is a winner in the Power Ball drawings, you can visit WCTV.TV.

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