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If there's ever been a time in recent history when folks are ready to stretch their spending dollars... it's now.
One way to do that is by using coupons... and a Tallahassee mom has got it down to a science.
When nine-month-old Lucy made her way into the lives of Sal and Ashley Nuzzo... little did her parents know that she would be the catalyst for a couponing system that would save her family at least five hundred dollars a month... and that was important because Ashley stopped her teaching job to become a stay at home mom.
"With the shift in income, either my spending habits had to change or we were going to start struggling so I decided I can do this, I can start tackling this and I started spending differently," says Ashley Nuzzo, creator of couponing system.
Ashley developed a coupon system where she researches local sales and applies a combination of coupons to buy products for a fraction of the original cost.
She also puts all of her research and coupon finds on her blog to let people know about the great deals she's found in Tallahassee stores.
Her success has landed her in a recent article in US News and World Report.
"Once she got it going though, it's really like on automatic pilot. she does everything she knows how to do on each day and from there it's an organizational kind of dream," says Sal Nuzzo.
Ashley says organization is the key... but if you can master that part... she can blog you through the rest of it.
Ashley Nuzzo says she'll be teaching a free class about how to follow her coupon system in two weeks on February 25th at the Wildwood Presbyterian Church from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.
Ashley's blog can be found at and the US News and World Report article can be found at

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