Shootout Trial:UPDATE

Update 12.18.09 3:15pm

A jury deliberated for approximately four hours before reaching a pair of guilty verdicts in the trial of Jeffrey Brown.

Brown was accused of two counts of attempted murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle for a shoot out on Kissimmee Street.

The jury found him guilty on a lesser charge of attempted voluntary manslaughter as well as shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Brown faces up to 30 years in prison. He'll be sentenced next month.

Brown also has yet to stand trial for manslaughter in the death of 15 year old Michael Jackson. Jackson was killed just minutes after the shoot out when police say the two gangs faced off again on Holton Street.

Jamal Taylor and Andreal Tyler also face manslaughter charges in Jackson's death.
Update 12:30 p.m. Wednsday, February 18, 2009:

A jury is now deliberating in the attempted murder trial Jeffrey Brown. Attorneys made their final arguments this morning and jurors began deliberating just after 11a.m.

We'll keep you posted with more developments as they become available.
A volley of gunfire on Kissimmee Street one year ago today (February 17, 2008) is now front and center in a Tallahassee courtroom.

Jeffrey Brown is accused of opening fire on a rival gang member's truck the same night that bad blood would ultimately cost 15 year old Michael Jackson his life.

Jeffrey Brown took the stand Tuesday morning claiming the shots he fired on February 17th, 2008 were fired in self defense.

"What did you do when the vehicle started shooting at you?" asked defense attorney Annabelle Dias.

"I got my gun from under the seat and my clip out of the glove box and I proceeded to shoot back," Brown replied.

Brown is facing attempted murder charges for what police call a gang shoot out on Kissimmee Street.

Police say a confrontation between north side and west side gang members at the Calypso Cafe that night spilled into the street and within minutes Brown was trading gunfire with Jamal Taylor, who was behind the wheel of a white pick up truck.

Brown's attorneys claim Taylor fired first, and under Florida law, Brown has the right to shoot back. Before the trial started, they asked the judge to drop the charges.

"He was in his vehicle. He had a lawful right to stand his ground,"
Dias argued.

Yet prosecutors argued it doesn't matter who fired first. They say it wasn't self defense, it was combat.

The judge refused to drop the charges and left it up to the jury to decide. Jurors could begin deliberating as early as Wednesday.

Among those on the stand Tuesday morning, Jamal Taylor, who was already acquitted of attempted murder charges in the same incident.

He testified today that he fired shots first, which prosecutors point out contradicts what he said during his trial. When pressed on the changing story, Taylor plead the fifth.

Right now, Brown is on trial only for the Kissimmee Street shootout.
But he, Jamal Taylor and another man, Andreal Tyler are also accused of manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Jackson was killed later the same night in a hail of gunfire on Holton Street as arrest papers say, the two gangs squared off again.

A trial date for those charges has yet to be set.
Testimony is underway in a trial of a Tallahassee man accused of what police are calling a gang-related shootout.

The shootout happened just minutes before the murder of Michael Jackson, one year ago today.

Jeffrey Brown is now on trial for attempted murder for a shootout on Kissimmee Street in which he exchanged gunfire with two men in a white pickup.

Police consider it a clash between rival gangs, Northside and Westside but, Brown denies being a part of a gang.

Brown claims he was firing in self defense and that the men in the white truck fired first.

A judge refused to drop the charges today and says a jury should decide.

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