Kids Go Green

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Say hello to some of Florida's youngest marksmen. Whether armed with a rifle or an arrow, you'd be surprised how accurate they can be.

And for Aubrey Duncan and Austin Sullivan, the biggest target is mistreatment of the environment.

You don't want to be like, go through, just for fun, and just making a mud pit, 'cause it can get all over the land," says Aubrey Duncan, a young conservationist.

It's a lesson driven home here at the Beau Turner Conservation Center, just outside Tallahassee. Named after the son of media mogul Ted Turner, it's a state-run park dedicated to kids.

Not that exceptions can't be made for adults. Governor Charlie Crist got one Tuesday. He's a man who's put eco-awareness at the top of his agenda.

Whoever said going green is just too expensive probably hasn't been here. It's a hundred-sixty acre tribute to the power of ecology and caring for the earth without having to shell out. Sure, it's got pricey solar panels. But, it also has serenity, a luxury the kids are taught doesn't come without respect.

"All of these things kind of tie into one another, but the most important thing is to be good stewards, to keep us independent, and to keep us free," says Governor Charlie Crist.

In a difficult economy, that's a mindset that doesn't carry a price tag. All it takes is time, a commodity not every kid is willing to give up, and for them, these kids have a message.

David Gensmer, a conservation center visitor, says, "Well, just make sure you're not scattering trash everywhere and you can pick up after yourself if you want to."

And better yet, show up here for a visit.

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