Wal-Mart Gang Rumor Not Credible

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UPDATED 9:30 PM 3-17

We have received a version of the text message about a gang rumor.

It says to avoid going to go to Walmart tonight, because a gang initiation would be happening in which three women would be shot.

As of right now, police say there is nothing to back up a claim that this was going to happen, but they are taking extra precaution.

UPDATED 9:10 PM 3-17

Lt. Shane Harris with the Thomasville Police department says the day shift today (3-17) got word of the possible gang shooting at an area Wal-Mart and passed the information along.

He says the day shifters also put the warning out to the surrounding areas to be on alert that something like this may happen.

Harris also said that when Thomasville PD called to let Valdosta know what they had heard, Thomasville was told that Valdosta already received the information.

Harris says the gang task force already knew about the possible shooting and had known for a day or so.

LCSO watch commander Lt. McKissack says Thomas County sent out a warning to area law enforcement agencies saying that Thomas County has received word that a gang is planning some sort of attack like this. LCSO could not confirm what Target and/or Wal-Mart would be the target of the crime.

LCSO says they are keeping an ear out for more information and they have extra patrols out just in case.

Georgia State Police said they received the same warning but wouldn't say anything else.

No exact locations are known at this point. That's all the information we have right now, but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

South Georgia police say a rumor about a gang initiation taking place at Valdosta big box retailer are not credible. Police say the rumor, which was sent to Lowndes County residents via text message and email early this afternoon, said gang members were planning on killing customers at an area Wal-Mart as part of their initiation into the gang.

Valdosta Police Commander Brian Childress tells WCTV that the Gang Task Force investigated the rumor and found that it is not credible. However, while the police do not feel area residents are at risk, they are stepping up patrols around two Valdosta Wal-Marts. Childress also said the same rumor spread throughout Albany last night and was also unfounded.

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