Cell Phones in Hospitals

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At hospitals everywhere, including Thomasville and Tallahassee, you can see signs telling you where you can and can't use a cell phone. Now experts say the technology of medical equipment is more advanced, making it less dangerous to make a call.

New research shows the use of cell phones may not be dangerous to medical equipment found in hospitals.

The director of clinical engineering at Archbold Memorial Hospital said, "Years ago when cell phones first came out, there were reports that cell phones would interfere with medical devices due to the frequencies of the device itself."

Now technology for medical equipment is improved and experts say the threat cell phones used to have no longer exist, but they're still not taking any chances and prohibit cell use in patient care areas, not only for their safety, but privacy as well.

The head of nurses at Archbold, Jackie Bailey, said, "They can integrate with your laptop or computer. They have different tones and tunes on them, and music. They can play videos. All of that is not appropriate in a patient care area."

Hospital officials also say the many ring tones and noises a cell phone has can be very distracting to the patients as well as the caregiver. Officials at Archbold say doctors and ambulance drivers are allowed to use a special type of cell phone to communicate, cell phones that are much different than the ones we use everyday. These phones pose absolutely no threat to medical equipment.