Dog Euthanized After Attacking 5-Year-Old Boy

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UPDATE: Natalie Rubino
June 1, 2015

WAKULLA COUNTY -- A two-year-old dog in Wakulla has been put to sleep after attacking a five-year-old Crawfordville boy last month.

Wakulla County Animal Control confirms that Ace, a silver lab mix was put down on Thursday. His owner surrendered him to Animal Control after the dog attacked the young boy while he was playing on a neighbor's swing set. The boy had lacerations to his arm, head and ears. He was treated at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and returned home the next day.

By: Natalie Rubino
May 19, 2015

The sound of barking dogs isn't unusual along E.J. Stringer Road in Crawfordville; almost every home WCTV drove past had one. But one of those neighborhood dogs is now in the hands of Animal Control after the Sheriff's Office says it attacked a five year old on Monday night.

"He had lacerations on one arm and pretty good lacerations on one of his ears," Keith Blackmar, WCSO's Public Information Officer, said.

Parents of the five year old say he was attacked while playing across the street on a neighbor's swing set. They believe the dog broke through an electrical fence from the home behind.

Too shaken up to speak on camera, the family says their son was treated at TMH and returned home Tuesday morning.

Ace, the two year old silver lab responsible for the attack, is in a ten day quarantine at Wakulla Animal Services being checked for rabies.

"The ten day quarantine is no contact with other animals and minimal contact with people," Ivanhoe Carroll Director of Wakulla Animal Services said.

Animal Control says if you or your child is ever approached by an animal that seems vicious, do not run.

"Your voice is your most effective tool "no" "get back" "go home" and then slowly back up," Ivanhoe says.

The agency also advises pet owners to make sure your fencing is secure and batteries on invisible fences are charged.

After the ten day quarantine, Animal Control will continue its investigation.

As of now, they couldn't say whether or not the dog would be put down.

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