H1N1 Cases at FSU Band Camp

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Local medical experts say, for now, they're treating H1N1 just like they would the common flu, but there was recent outbreak at a local university.

Roughly two weeks ago, the Swine Flu recently made its presence known on Florida State's campus, when more than 400 high school students from across the nation were in town for a week long music camp.

Staff for FSU's Thagard Health Center say 24 students from the camp were tested for the virus.

Of those, 12 tests came back positive.

"We are always very concerned about health issues and I think it's a trend, a pattern for us to be very proactive, so we can keep everybody as healthy as possible," says FSU Vice President of Student Affairs, Mary Coburn.

The students packed into this off-campus housing facility for their stay.

Since then, Southgate staff say they have scrubbed the place from top to bottom.

Officials say a letter was sent home to all students, staff and parents.

Information was also posted on the university's web-site regarding the incident.

And as H1N1 cases continue to pop up all over the state, local health experts say, for now, the worst is over, but they are bracing for what the fall may bring.

"We are definitely concerned with the fall because school will be back in and people will be in crowded situations and that's when viruses spread," says Medical Director at the Leon County Health Department, Marjorie Kirsch, M.D.

Officials were unable to confirm if any of the students from the band camp who tested positive were from our area.

The FDA approved a seasonal flu vaccine Monday, July 20, but experts say it won't protect against swine flu.

A vaccine designed to fight H1N1 is expected to be released as early as October 2009.

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