Man Set Free By Appellate Court

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Two years ago, Jimmy Ray Hair was arrested and charged with murder for shooting a man in self defense.
Hair has been in jail ever since... arguing he was just standing his ground.
On Tuesday, an appellate court agreed with him, and Hair was released tonight.
Two years to the date... Jimmy Ray Hair has been behind iron doors... but now he's a free man.
At about 7:45 Tuesday night, Jimmy walked out of the Leon County Jail and into the arms of friends... and his wife Jennifer, who was pregnant at the time of his arrest... and for the first time, Jimmy Ray Hair met his son Trip.
The Hair family reunion was unexpected.
Hair's attorneys, John Leace and Eddie Bauer, argued to Circuit Judge Angela Dempsey that Hair should not be charged with any crime... much less murder... but that plea was denied.
So today they appeared before the First District Court of Appeal again arguing that Hair is protected by Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law.
"Jimmy was the passenger in a vehicle. Another person entered the vehicle, attacked him. There was some tussling and in the course of the tussling, Jimmy shot him," says John Leace, Hair's trial attorney.
Within just a few hours, the court agreed that Hair was acting in lawful self defense.
"It's unusual for a district court to grant relief just hours after an oral argument. That is fairly unusual," says Eddie Bauer, Hair's Appellate Attorney.
When the appellate court overturned Circuit court's denial of Hair's self defense plea... it also order Hair to be released from jail.
Jimmy Ray Hair had no prior record and lawfully owned the gun he used when he killed his attacker.

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