Tallahassee's Bikini Bicyclist Arrested

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DEFENDANT: Richard E. Irby

CHARGES: Disorderly Conduct,


On August 17, 2009 patrol officers responded to the office at Greenwood Mobile Home Park at 3424 Old Saint Augustine Rd after receiving a call in regards to a male wearing only a thong bikini bottom, and his sexual organs being exposed. Ofc. B. Davis #690 arrived and made contact with the victim, and reporting person, Daniel Blair. The following statement from Blair has been copied from Ofc. Davis’ report:

Mr Blair stated he was leaving the community when he drove by "Speedo Man", who was walking towards the communities office and mail room area by way of the main roadway. As he passed by "Speedo Man" (Richard Irby) he realized that he was wearing a blue thong like garment (only). Additionally, Mr Irby's testicles and penis were plainly and openly exposed (outside the limited material of the garment). Mr Blair knew Ms Wylie (1/2 of the management team with her husband being the other half) was in the office and became very concerned for her welfare. He was concerned for her mental and physical being. Mr Blair drove back to the office. Mr Irby was already in the building and was confronted by Mr Blair. He told him to leave and cover his sexual organs. Mr Blair also told Ms Wylie to call the Police, which she did. Mr Irby muttered something and left the office area. Before Police arrived on scene Mr Irby had left the community on his bicycle.

***This concludes Mr. Blair’s statement from Ofc. Davis’ report.***

On August 18, 2009 I was assigned this case for follow-up. I immediately made contact with the office manager, Thelma Wylie. Wylie provided me a copy of the video surveillance from this incident. The video surveillance captures the suspect, Irby, riding his bicycle up to the office. Irby is wearing only a thong and sneakers. As Irby enters the office you can see Mr. Blair approach him and having a discussion with him. The video surveillance is black and white and not the best of quality. In reviewing the video surveillance it is inconclusive on whether or not Irby’s sexual organs are exposed. The videotape was impounded into evidence. It should also be noted there was another witness who was on the videotape who approached Irby and clearly had a discussion with him. That witness could not be identified.

On 08/19/09 I made telephone contact with Mr. Blair. Mr. Blair was very adamant that he had seen Irby’s testicles and penis protruding from his thong bikini. Mr. Blair was very upset with Irby and did wish to press charges.

On 08/21/09 I was contacted by Wylie again. Wylie said that there were two additional witnesses who told her that they had recently seen Irby wearing the same thong and his sexual organs were exposed again. The two witnesses were residents of Greenwood Mobile Home Park. On 08/25/09 I was able to meet with witness, Pamela Hernandez. Hernandez provided a sworn written statement stating that she had observed Irby on two occasions in the mobile home park wearing nothing but a thong on and exposing his penis and testicles in public. Hernandez believed the first incident was Wednesday of last week (08/19/09) near the office. She said she observed Irby move the front of his thong to the side intentionally exposing his penis and testicles. Hernandez said she did not know if he intended for her specifically to see it, but she did see it. Hernandez could not remember exactly what day the second incident occurred, but it was across the street from her mobile home near #38. She said he saw her, called her by her name, and pulled the front of his thong away exposing his penis and testicles. Hernandez said that something needed to be done to make him stop. She further stated that she thinks he “needs some help.” I have attempted to make contact with the second witness, Alice Brazier, but I have not been able to reach her.

On 08/24/09 I was contacted by Thelma Wylie once again in regards to another witness. Wylie provided a name of Melissa Newsome and her phone number. On 08/25/09 I made telephone contact with Newsome, and the conversation was audio recorded. Newsome said she goes to church with Wylie and they shared information concerning Irby. Newsome stated that on Friday afternoon at approximately 2:30pm she observed Irby at Magnolia Dr and Apalachee Pkwy on his bicycle. Newsome was stopped at the traffic light and Irby was stopped right next to her vehicle. Newsome said Irby stood up wearing only his thong. She said when he stood up his testicles were fully exposed from the side of his thong because they were loose. Newsome said she was very concerned because she did not want her fifteen-year-old daughter to see that.

It should be noted when Wylie contacted me on 08/21/09 I met with Irby at his residence. When Irby answered the door he was fully naked, but partially shielding himself behind the door. I asked him to put some clothes on and told him I wanted to ask him a couple of questions. I told Irby that this agency had recently been receiving numerous complaints regarding him exposing himself in public. Irby denied exposing himself. I told Irby he could no longer wear the thong in public because his penis and testicles were being exposed when he wore it. I further explained to him that he was in violation of city ordinance 12-140 (nudity ordinance), which does not allow for thongs to be worn in public within the city limits of Tallahassee. When Irby spoke to me, his speech was slurred, and he said he had been in a car accident many years ago. Irby did not believe that he suffered any brain damage, but it appeared to me that he was possibly suffering from an unknown mental illness. I made it as clear as I could to Irby that he could no longer wear his thong in public. I also told Irby that he was the subject of a criminal investigation concerning this case.

UPDATE 5:35pm

Tallahassee's popular bikini bicyclist is now under arrest.

Police confirm that 55 year old Richard Irby was arrested today for disorderly conduct.

Irby is known for riding along some of Tallahassee's busiest roads in nothing but a Speedo.

Arrest papers say Irby pulled his Speedo aside and exposed his genitals to a woman at the Greenwood Mobile Home Park off St. Augustine Road last week.

Another resident there also complained to police that Irby walked into the office with his genitals plainly exposed.

Officers confronted Irby at his home and told him he was violating the city's nudity ordinance was being investigated for exposing himself.
Tallahassee Police Thursday, confirmed Tallahassee's popular bikini bicyclist, Richard Irby hs been arrested.

The 55 year old is known for riding along some of Tallahassee's busiest road in only a speedo and has thousands of fans.

WCTV will have more details as they become available.

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