Valdosta Tea Party Protests Again

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Hundreds gathered in Valdosta Tuesday for the third Tea Party in less than five months in the Azalea city.

The event was put on by the Valdosta Tea Party and more than 200 people crowded downtown to protest universal health care.

Many protesters said they're fed up with officials who won't listen to them...
And the last thing they want is a government-run health care system.

They stand with signs, flags, and one sole purpose as protesters.

"If there's a politician that wants to be reelected, he better be watching and he better be listening because this is the voice of America and that's the only way we have to say 'Stop!'" said Valdosta resident Jean Woske.

Woske is a firm believer that peaceful protesting is the best way to get the government to listen. She, along with more than 200 others, crowded together to make a point... the last thing they want is for universal health care to pass.

"So now I think this will impress upon them, say what I told you to go say. Otherwise, I'm gonna get rid of you and get somebody else that will represent me," said Tony Christiano, who also protested.

And it's this same mindset that's empowered folks to hold up their posters with pride.They believe if they don't act now, it could cost them later.

"That's our main concern, that my children, my grandchildren are not gonna be able to enjoy the same freedom that I did when I was growing up and I really hope that healthcare doesn't pass," said Som Bilotti, Ray City resident.

"I hope that the politicians will listen and really understand this is their future that's at stake because we're tired of going on and we're gonna keep doing this until they do listen," said Woske.

Organizers say the only reason they planned this protest was because there was supposed to be another rally for Obama supporters at the courthouse at the same time. But they say the Obama rally ended up getting canceled at the last minute.

The Valdosta Tea Party plans to hold more protests, but until then, members will keep holding their monthly meetings. For more information, visit their website at

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