Whale Sculptures Honor Those Lost On 9-11

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Everyday folks drive by the house on Centerville Road with the Whales in the front yard. Most probably wonder what they mean or if the owner just has a strong fascination with the animal, but this morning dozens gathered to look at the whales and remember the fateful day they represent.

Eight years after the twin towers fell people gather on Bill Brinson's front yard.

They've come to see the four whales, Glory, Hope, Faith and Grace.
The four whales represent the recorder of time and are supposed to hold all of the memories from that tragic day.

A day that still strikes a chord with the Whale's designer.

"I'm sad that the world is in the situation it's in. that's a cowardly way of doing something. I wish the world could come put all of our sources together to help one another," said Bill Brinson who, with the help of some friends, built the whale sculptures in his front yard.

Brinson says he has people stop by his yard all the time, sometimes in the middle of the night. He says since the Whales help people grieve with loss, not just for those who died on 9/11 but just loss in general.

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