Hundreds of Books Donated to FAMU DRS

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FAMU Press Release:

FAMU Alumni Donate More than 300 Books to FAMU-DRS


The Florida A&M University (FAMU) War Babies, composed of FAMU alumni born during World War II, donated more than 300 books to the students at FAMU Developmental Research School (FAMU-DRS) Monday.

“Reading is fundamental,” said Noble Sissle, who spearheaded the book drive. “As you can see, there are some shelves in the library at DRS that can stand to have some more books on them. We want to do our share to help the students so they have an opportunity to be great, just like we did.”

Members of the FAMU War Babies presented the books to FAMU-DRS Superintendent Ronald Holmes, Ph.D., faculty and students at the school’s media center.

“FAMU-DRS is striving to become a National School of Excellence,” Holmes said. “The books donated by members of the community and graduates of FAMU High will help support our curriculum at the school.”

According to Holmes, the books will provide additional opportunities for students to read a wide range of books. It will also give the school added opportunities to assess the students’ reading capability through the school’s Accelerated Reading Program.
Students at a local school have a couple hundred new reasons to enjoy reading.

More than three hundred books were donated to students at FAMU DRS Friday morning.

The books had been collected for months, and were finally delivered this morning.

Those who donated say it's important to get kids to read more.

"This library needs every spaced filled with a book so we're going to do our share so the young folks have opportunities and a variety of books to see what the real total world is all about," says Noble Sissle, one of the book donors.

There will be several more book drives this fall, and the donors hope to have more books to give in the beginning of the year.

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