Jury Selection Continues in Quad Murders Case

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By noon Tuesday, attorneys and the judge in the Wesley Williams Marianna quad murders trial had cut the original jury pool from 400, down to 65.

In the second round of questioning, prosecutor Larry Basford asked the initial group of 21 candidates a variety of questions, including any possible relationships to Williams or the victims.
One said his son personally knew Williams.

"He was a friend of mine in high school, we played football together."

Williams is accused of the March 17, 2005 murders of 19-year-old Danielle Baker and her three sons: Amad, Amarion and Aaron.
Baker was shot in the head.
The three children suffocated to death after the killer duct taped their mouths.
Williams was the father of two of the boys.
Most of the state's evidence is circumstantial, involving DNA samples.

"This is such a serious case where we're talking about 4 murders, three counts of child abuse and the issues involved here. Would any of you require it be proven beyond all doubt whatsoever as opposed to a reasonable doubt?" asks Larry Basford, Prosecutor.

Basford also highlighted some of the other evidence, including cell phone records. His questions also hinted at a possible motive, a child support dispute.

"Those disagreements, did they arise to a level of hostility? Can you envision for those of you answered that question, can you envision a situation where it can arise to that level?"

The state plans to call approximately 40 witnesses, including Perry Johnson, currently serving a prison sentence in West Virginia and Skylar Keys, who was one of the original suspects.

If convicted Williams could face the death penalty.

The jury has been selected for the Wesley Williams quad murders
trial, they narrowed it down to the final 15 around 6:30pm Tuesday.

There will be 12 jurors and three alternates.

Opening arguments start Wednesday at 9:30am.

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