Husband Charged With the Murder of His Wife

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Richard Kelley Harte now faces first degree murder charges, accused in the November death of his wife, Barbara, who he called Barbie.

Police responded to an early morning call at the couple's home back in November of last year in reference of a possible drowning, but now, four months later, police say the drowning is no accident.

"The findings came out from the medical examiners that there was bruising around her arms, which is consistent with somebody being held down underneath water in a tub, and basically that was more than enough probable cause for the arrest of Richard Hart," said John Newland with the Tallahassee Police Department.

A husband and a father of three, 49-year-old Richard Kelley Harte now sits behind bars at the Leon County Jail, accused of murdering his wife Barbara.

Authorities found her body lying on the ground next to a bathtub, unconscious and wearing no clothes. News of her murder is shocking residents in the quiet Tallahassee neighborhood.

"It's just hard to believe. It's hard to believe that, ya know. Someone right down the street from us would be in this situation," said Connie Barnes, a neighbor.

Police say the couple has three children who are now without a mother or father.

"I think the feeling is just one of concern for those children" said Barnes.

"Ya know, you arrest the husband, but now the kids are without a father also, so there's no good out of this whole situation" said OFC Newland.

Police say the couple had a history of domestic violence and that they'd been called to the home before.