Family Pedals 7,000 Miles to Alaska

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After lots of pedaling and more than 1,600 miles later the Harrison's have made it to St. Marks. Their journey started in Mount Vernon, Kentucky and will end 7,000 miles later in Alaska. And they are making the trip on a quint bike.

"I'm from the Netherlands, we ride a lot of bicycles there. We didn't want to go the easy way of just hoping in the car and going there because we wanted to let our kids see and feel the America that's here," said Amarins Harrison.

The crew left with $300.00, some essential items, a couple changes of clothes and a lot of faith. Most nights the Harrison's set up camp and sleep in their tent, but occasionally stay in a motel or someones home.

Both parents agree that this is more than just a trip, it's a learning experience for the whole family. "Math is like, hey we are going to Newport today. It's 41 miles, we've gone 21 how many are left?" said Amarins.

"It's a huge opportunity because they're learning first hand about the habitats of crocodiles rather than seeing it on a TV or in a book or something like that," explained Bill Harrison.

And so far the youngsters have seen their fair share of wildlife. "Alligators, manatee, butterflies, and armadillos. We seen two armadillos that were alive and if there's a dead one we call it darmadillo," said 6 year-old Cheyenne Harrison.

But even more exciting than the unique animals they've crossed paths with is the people who've helped them along the way.

"We've met great people along the road, everyday again and that it's really a great thing that our kids see about America, that America is occupied by great people," said Amarins Harrison.

If you want to follow the Harrison's journey, click on the link below. They plan on arriving in Alaska by the end of next summer, and living there for the remainder of the year.

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