College Cutbacks Mean Students Spend Longer in School

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Universities nationwide have made strong efforts to cut back and save cash in this tough economy.

One way has been to cut back on classes, but now students are paying the price.

Many students now have to stay in school longer to complete their degrees.

Classes are about to start and students are rushing to be on time.

Earlier Tuesday, Dan Durrenberger rushed to get into a class that doesn't begin until spring.

FSU Junior Dan Durrenberger says, "I'm trying to get into a play analysis class, it's a required class for theater majors and it looks like there are only 32 seats available between two classes and I went to register today and they're just not there."

Colleges across America are cutting classes to conserve cash. Fewer course offerings lead to fewer students getting into classes they need for their majors. Meaning some students have to stay in school longer to complete their degrees.

FSU Senior Margaret Watts says, "One minute your class will be open with 50 available seats, by the time you get online to register for it, it's full."

Our local universities have cut back too in this tough economy. FSU and FAMU have not said whether this has been an issue on their campuses, but nonetheless, many students struggle during registration.

Mayra Carrasco waited a year to get a class only to learn it was cancelled.

"It interested me most of all and just seeing they didn't even offer it, that's a bummer," she says.

And it's a pain Durrenberger has to deal with to get into his required class.

"I might get it in the spring but I'll have to eventually or I'll just have to wait on graduating an extra semester or extra year," Durrenberger says.

Unless someone drops the class first.

WCTV did get in touch with an FSU spokesperson who says the school has admitted fewer freshmen this year compared to years' past. The official says this could lead to fewer students fighting for classes.

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