How to Keep Your Child Safe

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Kristi Hill and Jennifer Cureton, are enjoying a day at the park with their children. But they are no longer as carefree as they once were in the wake of the Somer Thompson tragedy.

"If you're here on a busy day, sometimes you get busy talking to your friends and you don't pay as much attention, but since I've found out about this, I've been really looking over my shoulder, making sure I can see him at any time," said Hill.

In addition to keeping a watchful eye, they've warned their children about dangerous situations. "If you see a car coming, if you see a stranger or somebody you don't know, don't go near their car. Don't go up and help anybody. Run inside and tell mommy and daddy quickly. And run away kick and scream if somebody tries to get you," said Cureton.

Technology is also helping parents be proactive. You can get a child i-d made, which has your child's picture, name, birth-date, height, weight and fingerprints on it. Tallahassee Police offer the service for free.

Somer Thompson's disappearance has made an impact on Leon High School teacher Janet Taylor. After she heard about the tragedy, she informed other teachers about a sexual offender website.

"It seems like we can't go very many months in our state without a vanishing child and it's so tragic to me that I wanted to do something to make people aware. From Leon High School I found out that there were 28 register sexual offenders within a 1 mile area and our students are walking home," said Taylor.

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