60-Year-Old FAMU Alumnus Marches During Halftime Show

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"I'm Patrick Arnold. Originally from Chattahoochee Tennessee now from Chicago. Fall 1966!"

He's a 60-year-old FAMU alumnus marching to the beat of a different drum. Patrick Arnold once battled bands but now he is battling type two diabetes with a positive attitude and a pair of cymbals.

Its been more than four decades since he was a member of the band and Arnold is taking to the field once again and its not just to play for what he calls, the baddest band in the land its for his health.

"I found out as my doctor told me exercise is the best friend of diabetes," said Arnold. "So that's why I do this because it's an incentive for me to keep in shape."

Arnold's son looked on as his dad held his own with younger band members. "I just see what my dad does every year to get to train for like what, 30 or 15, 20 minutes of marching," said Patrick's son, Aaron Arnold. "He swims, he does martial arts so it's something that he takes very seriously."

The Marching 100 has 400 members and the band director says there will always be a spot on the field for former Rattlers. "The alumni really I still wanna say, are the heart of the band because they have graduated and they come back and support the band so much," said band director, Dr. Julian White.

Arnold says the routines may have changed but marching with the hundred remains the same.

"It's been said we march 360 steps a minute so that's very high energy and from then on its... uh hold on," he said.

Patrick Arnold has marched in almost every homecoming game for the last 15 years.

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