LCSO Issues Misdemeanor Violations to Two Persons for Peddling Without a Permit

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An LCSO spokesman clarifies that peddlers can get a permit at either the Leon County Sheriff's Office or the Leon County Clerk's Office.
LCSO Press Release:

Over the last two weeks the Leon County Sheriff’s Office has received twelve complaints of people selling items or services door to door in Tallahassee/Leon County.

Most citizens were concerned about the potential of scams or other criminal activity taking place. Eight of these complaints were of individuals going door to door and asking residents if their vehicle windshields had any cracks or chips, which their company would repair.

In most instances the salesperson would leave the area after being confronted by a homeowner about their activities or lack of a Peddlers Permit.

On Monday October 26, 2009, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a complaint of a door to door salesman in the 5500 block of Hampton Woods Way.

The salesperson claimed to be selling windshield repair work and did not have the required Peddlers Permit. The salesperson was identified, given a warning and the company he represented was advised that each salesperson with their business must obtain a Leon County Peddlers Permit to sell items or services in Tallahassee/Leon County.

Yesterday, at approximately 5:25PM, the Leon County Sheriff’s responded to the area of Mistletoe Court in reference to two individuals going door to door requesting to inspect windshields.

The complainant became suspicious of the individuals because after she advised them she did not want them to inspect her windshield, they did so anyway. When Deputies arrived they made contact with Gregory Sargent and O’Neil Lyne.

Sargent and Lyne advised they work for Coast to Coast Auto Glass and were going door to door attempting to locate cracked or broken windshields that could be replaced or repaired by their company.

Both Sargent and Lyne indicated they were aware of the requirement to obtain a Peddlers Permit to sell items and services, but they had not applied or obtained a permit. Sargent and Lyne were charged with a misdemeanor violation Leon County Ordinance Peddling without a Permit and issued a Notice to Appear.

It is recommended that residents of Tallahassee/Leon County who encounter a door to door salesperson request to see that persons Peddlers Permit.

Each permit is on Leon County Sheriff’s Office letterhead and has the person’s name, date of birth, the company they represent and the items or services which they are allowed to sell.

The permit is valid for 90 days after issuance. This permit is only issued to a person after they have been fingerprinted, positively identified, photographed and a criminal background check has been conducted.

This process allows reputable businesses to lawfully operate in the community while protecting citizens from con-artist, scams and persons with criminal histories.

In some instances a salesperson will produce copies of a State of Florida Permit or a Business Registration Certificate as proof of proper registration.

These documents do not replace the requirement of a Leon County Peddlers Permit. Tax exempt and charitable organizations such as churches, Boy/Girl Scouts, High School Bands are exempt from the Peddlers Permit requirement. Citizens with any concerns of door to door sales persons may contact the Leon County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 922-3300 for assistance.

To obtain a Peddlers Permit a person must apply in person at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Bailiff Unit located in the Leon County Court House at 301 South Monroe Street. The cost is $8.00 and there is a 7 day waiting period. Each Peddlers Permit Applicant must have valid photo identification, be fingerprinted and criminal history check is conducted.

Notice to Appear Issued
Gregory A. Sargent
DOB: 09/06/1988
Peddling without a Permit

O’Niel Lyne
DOB: 10/05/1988
Peddling without a Permit

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