$1.2 Million Approved for Sports Complex

Taylor County commissioners have set aside a million dollars to complete a sports complex.

But, some say the money should be spent on what they are calling a neglected part of the county.

Four years in the making and Taylor County Commissioners hope $1.2 million will finally complete the Taylor County Sports Complex.

Local resident Heather Lundy said, "If they're using it for the kids it would be good. There's nothing here for children to do."

Finances have slowed the four million dollar project since construction began in 2005.

The facility on Highway 19 in Perry has basketball and tennis courts, soccer fields, a playground and walking trail.

The money is expected to complete four baseball fields, parking lots, concessions and restrooms.

Local resident Chryl Flowers said, "I think it's nice. We need something like that to uplift Perry. It's time for a change in it."

Many county residents in Steinhatchee say the money would be better spent on a boat ramp in their coastal community.

Steinhatchee resident Steven Williams said, "We revenue a lot more money than they do. I grew up commercial fishing. They really just don't do nothing here for us."

Residents say the main boat ramp in Steinhatchee is from 1971, and say the limerock ramp constantly washes away.

Many say it needs to be improved to accommodate larger boats.

Steinhatchee resident Reb Stewart said, "Steinhatchee exists for two purposes, really: scalloping and fishing. To do either, you need to have a boat. We do not have adequete launching facilities here."

Commissioners say there is still about a million dollars left in the capital reserve fund and that there is a long term plan for a boat ramp already in place.

Commissioners say they have not given up on building or improving a boat ramp and that they are making as much progress as possible.

The county is using inmate labor to build the sports complex, which is a cheaper, but a slower process.

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