Capitol City Star's Promote Literacy

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Florida State University's quarterback Christian Ponder and FAMU's quarterback Curtis Pulley got Hartsfield Elementary's superstar readers revved up for a good 'ol fashioned book reading.

Tallahassee Mayor, John Marks joined in on the fun and pulled out his favorite book, "Officer Buckle and Gloria."

All of the students wore their shades, listened attentively and watched as the 2009-2010 book list was revealed.

Christian Ponder, quarterback at FSU says, "We know our position is to be role model and we can have a real impact on kids like this. I think it defiantly keeps everyone humble."

Curtis Pulley, FAMU's quarterback, "I see a lot of these kids at the game and hear them cheering for you and see them after the game. So, this is a chance to get outside of the path and show them there's more to life than football. Reading is very important without that you cant do nothing."

After the reading, the kids were able to attend their first concert and rock out to songs like "School is Cool" and "Don't Do Drugs."

Autographed copies of "Officer Buckle and Gloria" were donated to the young readers' library.

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