No Pass-No Play Rule Enforced for Middle School Athletes

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Jordan Winston, 13, is a stellar student and member of the basketball team.

"I'm making straight A's," said Winston, an eighth grader at Newbery Middle School in Valdosta.

But he's worried about some of his teammates.

"Man, I hope nobody's failing cause it would really take off a big impact on our team," he said.

Under a new Georgia rule, known as the No Pass-No Play rule, sixth through eighth graders will now need to pass 70-percent of their course load to make the team next semester.

Kids who now want to hit the practice field will have to pass almost all their courses. Whereas, before this rule came into effect, five was the minimum.

"It's going to cause them to study harder and make them more responsible," said Florence McFadden, the Athletic Director at Newbern Middle School. "Passing five of the subjects was kind of a minimum, but having that 70-percent adds a little more pressure not only to the player but to the parent as well."

It will streamline state-wide requirements for students with different class loads and varying schedules.

But Jordan says just like himself, he knows his teammates will get good grades to stay in the game.

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