Colleges Nationwide Banning Tobacco On-Campus

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Across the country, many college smokers' hopes of puffing a cigarette on campus will go up in smoke. Schools are considering campus-wide bans on tobacco.

Some think a simple puff can blow their cares away.

"After class, that cigarette's really nice, haha," says one TCC student.

At Florida State, they can only settle down and light up in certain parts of campus.

Throughout FSU's campus, green ash trays designate where smokers can light up. Black ash trays are placed throughout the school to prevent littering. But FSU is phasing in a plan to gradually make the campus more smoke free

FSU Health Educator Kevin Frentz says, "We've decided to take a phased-in approach to it, so it's a phased transition and knowing there's a chance we'll never got to a tobacco-free campus, but then, that's the goal."

Gradually more smoke free zones will be added to the campus.

FSU Student Will Bunnell says, "It's not a big deal. Everybody doesn't want to get the second-hand smoke but it would be really difficult out in open ventilated areas like Florida State campus."

At Tallahassee Community College, they're not cloudy over their policies. There are certain areas where smokers cannot puff, but there are currently no plans to totally curb tobacco-use.

FAMU did not return our call.

FSU officials said if they create more smoke-free areas, there will really be no way to punish smokers who break the rules, they will be kindly told to move to another area.

These national efforts to stop tobacco use on campuses is part of Healthy Campus 2020, a nation-wide effort to make college students healthier.

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