Security Systems: A Necessity in Today's Society

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Just like Tuesday nights shooting, FBI statistics show that a crime occurs every three seconds in the united states.

And now more than ever, Americans are looking to protect their family and their possessions.

Security systems used to be for the wealthy, but as prices are coming down and crime is going up, more and more Americans are seeing these safety devices as a necessity and not just a luxury.

Billie Holmes, says protecting her family was ultimately why she purchased a security system ten years ago.

"The reason I did it is because my husband, he was working night shift and I was at home by myself and I felt more comfortable being able to come home and know that no one else had been there because the alarm had been on," says Billie Holmes, who's had a security system for 10 years.

Whether it's businesses beefing up security or homes like this one, seen in south Florida catching potential robbers red handed, many are taking matters into their own hands.

And with the home invasion robbery on Cactus Street still on everyones mind, many are coming to security system representatives like Kimberleigh Hensley to make their house a little more like Fort Knox.

"In this economy, the burglars are getting smarter and they're getting even more desperate. That's unfortunate, but it's the truth. Knowing they're safe at night when they lay their heads down on the pillow. That they're protected, they're monitored," says Kimberleigh Hensley, an authorized ADT dealer.

FBI statistics in 2008 show there were more than 1.3 million violent crimes reported.

Statewide, Florida made up more than 928,000 and Georgia, more than 455,000.

And taking a look at the capital city, nearly 7,000 incidents were reported.

Leaving many to wonder if those numbers will go down as security systems become more accessible.

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