Some FAMU Students Get Brand New Laptop as Part of Scholarship

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Some lucky FAMU students were the recipients of a very valuable college resource.

43 of the Life Gets Better and Distinguished Scholars received brand new laptop computers as part of the FAMU Presidential Scholarship Programs.

Being from out of state can be expensive in getting their tuition, room, board and books paid for on top of a new laptop is a relief for them and their families.

"I feel very privileged and very blessed it's an honor to be among only about 43 of us got the laptops out of our freshman class of about to be in the top percent of my freshman class is very special thing to be," says Michael Jefferson," a freshman from Indiana.

"I never believed that I could just...if I worked hard enough at school I could come to school for free. This is an amazing opportunity for me...I came to school for free I have a laptop for free and it feels like a second home." says Gaelle Napoleon, a freshman from New York.

The students in the Life Gets Better program are also eligible for paid scholarships and a 500 dollar a semester stipend.

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