Parents Speak Out About Teachers Contracts Not Being Renewed

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Nine teachers at FAMU DRS will be packing up their desks before the end of the school year.

Budget problems have forced school officials let go of the teachers on temporary assignment past December 22nd. However, one teacher was affected immediately, making many parents upset.

I'm so worried about my child passing the FCAT. Yes she's an A-B student, but the FCAT is so important for those kids and it's not only my kid, it's all the kids in the fifth grade and all the kids in the other grades who will be losing their teacher," says Eunice Arnold, the parent of a fifth grader at FAMU DRS.

The parents received letters saying the school did not meet its enrollment quota of 600 students leaving them no choice but to make the cuts. Many parents also worry how it will affect student teacher ratios.

"What's going to happen come January? Are the classrooms going to be crowded? Is my child going to have what's needed as far as having one on one time with a teacher? Will it be 20 to 1? 50 to 1? I don't know," says Don Tolliver, who also has a child at the school.

The school says it will do everything it can to not put students education in jeopardy.

"We're currently looking at our curriculum needs as well as our budgetary needs so that we make sure that we don't compromise on our curriculum for our students," says Dr. Ronald Holmes, superintendent of the school.

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