FAMU Partners with Black AIDS Institute for Test 1 Million Campaign

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FAMU is working to get more young people tested for HIV and AIDS, so it's partnering with the Black AIDS Institute for a new campaign called Test One Million.

The campaign's goal is to have one million African Americans tested by June 27 of next year.

Florida has the highest rate of people living with HIV in the country and officials say students especially need to be aware.

"We know that everybody doesn't always practice safe sex as much as they should. We really want students to feel like they are a part of their regular health care and how to monitor and take care of themselves and we're really encouraging everyone to get tested," says Tanya Tatum, FAMU Student Health Services Director

FAMU offers free HIV testing every day of the week from 9 AM until 3 PM. They have pledged to test 15 hundred students between now and June.

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