FSU-Teach Gets Grant

Florida State University gets a federal grant to train math and science teachers to help bridge the achievement gap.

The National Science Foundation awarded FSU's innovative FSU-Teach program a five-year grant for $726,260.

FSU-Teach will support students participating in the program as they gain experience teaching in "high-needs" schools.

Katie Aplington is in the program and says she enjoys teaching math to young students.

She said, "There's nothing better than to see the student finally get it; and it's a lot of fun because you can joke around with the kids and that usually helps. it's rewarding because the loe that we have, we're sharing with them."

FSU-Teach was created specifically to offer a teaching opportunity to students who already have an interest and ability in math, science or engineering.

The NSF grant will provide 42 scholarships to FSU-Teach students as well as 48 summer internships.

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