Home for the Holidays: Bus Ride Home

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For the fourth year, some very happy FAMU students will be able to see their families this Thanksgiving.

56 students who are originally from Virginia and the Washington D.C. area (and are members of the DC metro Club at FAMU) loaded up Tuesday afternoon for their 21 hour bus ride home.

"I have a little sister, she's nine and I really miss her. So to see my mother, my father, my sister, all my family because they miss me. Once you go away for school everybody is ready to see you," says FAMU student Kierra Holiday.

With holiday airfare and high gas prices, the students pay less than 200 dollars for the trip.

A bargain compared to their other options.

Several of the students say it would cost between $500 to a $1,000 to fly home this time of year and say they wouldn't be able to afford that on their budget.

Organizers say they're hoping to add a trip to Miami, FL and the D.C. metro area for Christmas, but at this time they're waiting to see if there's enough interest from students.

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