Lights, Camera, Action: New PSA

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It was lights, camera, action Tuesday afternoon as all of Leon County's big dogs of law enforcement came together.

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and the chiefs from TPD, FAMU, and FSU made their voices heard today: joining forces to encourage residents to pick up the phone and help prevent crime in their neighborhood.

The four were all smiles while shooting the PSA, but say collaboration and communication between their agencies is something they take very seriously.

"This isn't what we're good at. What we're good at is enforcing the law and we're in tune, we're working together and we want to ensure the safety of the community," says Tallahassee Police Chief Dennis Jones.

"We're not competing with each other, we're out here working together with each other on a day and night basis," says Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell.

With the recent spike in crime and the holiday season right around the corner, Police say you can expect to see more enforcement out on the streets.

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