FAMU Students Take Second Place In National Selling Competition

Even in today's tough economy, a group of FAMU students is proving they know how to bring in the money.

Students at the college of Business and Industry traveled to Indiana for a team selling competition and took second place among schools nationwide.

This was the first time FAMU entered the competition, and for both competitors and their mentor, it was a promising glimpse at the future.

"We have a great faculty here and we have some real sales experience here, and we want to see any and everybody in the surrounding communities give us a shot," said Roscoe Hightower, Ph.D., an associate professor of Marketing at FAMU.

"It definitely gives you more experience with selling and it definitely gives you real life people coming to you telling you their concerns, so these are things you can expect when you're selling with other people in real life," said Ashley-Alexis Alfred, a FAMU senior.

After the competition, each team member was offered a full-time selling position at Altria Sales and Distribution Incorporated.

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