Ranch Seeks Land for Rescue Horses

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The Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch has been home to rescue horses found in the area over the last several months.

But their free lease agreement ends in the next couple of weeks and now, all of the horses will need to be relocated.

Because veterinary bills, food and hay are extremely costly for the ranch, they'll be unable to receive any more rescue horses like Chalice and Trouble until they find land to house them.

"If they're not getting the adequate feed and medical care it could mean the difference between them being alive and in a happy home...or possibly being put to death at a very short period of time. Having land to put them on is paramount for us to succeed and for us to help the horses," adds Donna Winsloe, of the Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch, Inc.

Triple R is looking for anyone willing to donate land to keep the horses on or for someone looking to adopt one of the horses.

"There's definitely hope. We only have three left so if we can adopt Chalice out we can bring in another horse but until we have more land we can't take in as many horses as we would like to," adds Winsloe.

In the meantime, Triple R has been making money by holding fundraisers, doing concessions at horse shows and holding yard sales.

"We don't really take losing the lease as a setback...we just take it as a positive move forward no pun intended...this hasn't dampened our spirits whatsoever,"says Eric Pelletier, vice president of the Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch.

The next fundraiser Triple R will have is at the Winter Equestrian Festival at Mahan Farm Saturday December 12 at 9am.

For more information about the horses and the ranch, click on the link below.

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