A Battle Ready PDA

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One Tallahassee company has a PDA for Marines that can do that and much more. Talla-Tech is a rugged electronics manufacturer that just received an 18 and a half million dollar order from the United States Marine Corps.

The new RPDA-57 they will provide has numerous capabilities for every mission.

Director of Operations at Talla-Tech Bob Carpenter said, "The challenges come down to very simple things. How do we make this device so rugged and so waterproof that our customers can depend on it in just about any situation that they find themselves in? And it's those unknown unknowns that we try to capture early on in the design process."

Talla-Tech has parts made by manufacturers in Tallahassee and they have grown since 1998 from 4 employees to one-hundred fifteen. Check out Talla-Tech by clicking the link below!

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