Police Question Mother about Baby Remains

The remains of a baby found in two bins at a Tallahassee apartment complex are now on their way to Gainesville.

Police are hoping forensics experts there will be able to determine whether that child was born alive or dead.

The baby's remains were found Tuesday at the Shadow Ridge Apartments on West Tharpe Street.

Residents tell us they were near the laundry room dumpster and the woman who called to report the suspicious contents say she and a friend opened them to see what was creating such a foul smell.

They say there were bloody sheets and blankets and a tiny skull inside.

Neighbors say it's upsetting.

"I just saw three police officers unloading bones from one bin, little plastic bins. You know, you get those images in your head. It's somebody's life, you know? It's really disturbing," Matt Bartoli said.

Tallahassee Police say they have spoken to a woman believed to be the mother and they are sharing that information with the medical examiner's office.

One of the mother's friends told us she assumes the woman panicked after either having a miscarriage or a stillborn baby, but she'll have to wait and see what the forensics experts say.

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