Valdosta Food Drive for Haiti

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A rice, beans and water drive was held today at the field house across from Valdosta Middle School.

And Valdosta city school kids turned out to help unload and sort the nearly 12,000 pounds of goods they've received so far.

These include donations of bottled water, dry beans and bagged rice dropped off by area residents throughout the day.

Melissa Rinehart
"I talk about Haiti in some of my classes and I know how much they've struggled politically, socioeconomically for years," said Dr. Melissa Rinehart, an anthropology professor at VSU, who organized this drive.

Robbie Jones, an eighth-grader at J.L Newbern Middle School was moved by the experience. "This right here... This is what I can do. I can help them collect food and send it over there. And hopefully it'll help somebody," said Robbie.

Second Harvest is coordinating efforts to get these supplies to Haiti, which will hopefully make it down there soon.

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