Trouble's Back And Up For Adoption

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The first time we met trouble he was skin and bones. Literally.
Today, he's healthy happy and wanting to show off his 750 pound gallop.

Michelle Frank, his foster caretaker said, "So far he's been good. He's put on more weight and he's starting to know his manners around people. It's good to see him be happy and a horse again."

But Michelle says the recovery process didn't happen over night. "It took a long time. Lots of times you want to see instantaneous results and when you see a horse that skinny you want to just give them all the food you can and make them healthy again."

Trouble is not having any problems eating today and his foster parents say NOW he's up for adoption."He's about 20 years old. We don't know if he's ever been ridden probably not but he's a good boy. If you just want somebody to hang out with. He's very personable. Just a good boy for someone who wants a good horse."

Michelle says Trouble's friend Cosa will miss his playmate, but when Trouble does get adopted there will be more room in the stalls to foster others horses in need.

"It's sad but it's good. It's good to have the horses but it's good to have them go to a good home who will love them and take care of them. And we can take care of more horses that way."

To find out how to adopt Trouble and three other horses also up for adoption at Triple R Ranch visit:

or call

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