Protesters Rally Against Pender Outside TPD

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Horns could be heard blaring outside of TPD headquarters along with small talk among these student protesters.

They say they're rallying to hold Tallahassee Police Officer, Ryan Pender accountable for his role in the botched drug bust that resulted in police informant, Rachel Hoffman's murder.

Rachel' Hoffman's death shouldn't have happened. She shouldn't have been dragged into the drug bust," said protester, Julie Ragsdale.

One of the protester's signs questioned the police department's pledge to protect and serve and others asked for Pender's reinstatement to be rejected," said protester, Jeremy Lind.

He fudged up in so many areas. I mean there's so many things that could have prevented what happened.

Pender's attorney disagrees. He released a statement saying, "They have an angle that has nothing to do with the truth because they don't know all the facts."

An arbitrator has already signed off on Ryan Pender's return but these protesters are hoping their signs will help raise awareness to what they call an injustice to Rachel Hoffman.

We have noticed this. It is unacceptable and the laws that allowed for this to happen need to change, said protester, Patrick Shepherd.

Police say they heard protesters loud and clear.

"They're expressing their freedom of speech and we respect that but as a department we have to be mindful and respectful of the arbitrators decision," said Tallahassee Police Officer, David McCranie.

These protesters are hoping the city will appeal.

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